Sexual dominance, submission, and control (BDSM) is a term used to describe these aspects of sex. In most cases, the dominant partner takes the lead during sex, while the submissive partner acts as a passive observer.

Many different types of BDSM can be practised, but the following are the most common: power play; role-playing; pain; bondage; wax; edging; sensory deprivation; and humiliation.

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In a 2016 study, nearly half the women and 60% of the men surveyed admitted to fantasising about sexually dominating another person. BDSM Mistress London found that BDSM sex was more prevalent in LGBTQ couples, but researchers found that BDSM sex was practised across all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds.

BDSM sex can be fun for both partners in a relationship. As a form of release, an exploration of trust or a place to play out fantasies of submission, vulnerability, and control, many people who participate in BDSM see it as an outlet.

In a small study, participants in a BDSM dynamic were found to be less stressed and more positive in their moods. Strap-on Mistress London have shown that engaging in healthy BDSM scenes can lead to feelings of intimacy between partners.